Best B2B SaaS Companies Landing Pages Templates and Pro Copywriting Guides in order to get ahead of your competitors

Table of contents:

1.)   What is a B2B landing page

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What is a B2B landing page:

Your landing page is a website page with a specific purpose — the objective of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads.

Landing pages contains call to action (or CTA, for short) and are designed with a single focus or goal either for increasing the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and lowering your cost of acquiring a lead or sale.

As a marketer the landing page is the most important and super focused of which by having fewer links on your landing page increases conversions.

The essential Landing Page Metrics to Track for high conversion

Metrics are a great aspect to know what is working and doing more of that, landing page metrics will tell you how well, good or bad your landing page is performing.

Having this insights will make you gain as much insights as needed in improving it for better conversions.

1.)   Take note of your Page Visits:

Do you want to know if your landing page ad’s drive prospect to your landing page? You can only know this by tracking how many genuine visits you are getting. Because the more genuine visits you gets the better for higher conversions.

To increase and be sure that your landing page gets as much conversions as needed, brainstorm ideas by adjusting your paid strategy or develop a session with your copywriter by redefining your keywords and offers to drive more traffic to your page.

Do you have a good list of subscribers let them know, any followers on social media share your offers to them. Most time if you provide a good product offer and your landing page copy are persuasive enough your followers and subscribers can be a great choice for generating increasing revenue.

2.)   Get to know your Traffic Source:

Most time users can land on your page for the first time and may just be hearing of your service and offer, Knowing where your page traffic is coming from will let you know where you should improve focused marketing and can also give you a headlight for your next offer.

3.)   Care about your Submission Rate:

You should get stats of people that successfully completed your lead form or offer request by landing on your thank you page or redirection page as the case may be.

Most time your visitors may get cut off half of the way and may not complete the submission Take note that you could apply copywriting or UX designing tweaks in order to increase the submissions rate.

Running a A/B test with Hotjar or Adobe Target will help your business know what is working so you can do more of that.

4.)   Your Contacts matters:

Contacts refer to the number of genuine leads that you generated from your form. When I say genuine leads I mean contacts that are only counted ones. That is if a current lead fills out your landing page form to get whatever it is you are offering, they don’t affect the count.

5.)   Put your eye on your site Heat Mapping:

You can create Heatmap using Google Analytics data through a chrome extension called page analytics.

Taking this into action will show you how people interact with a particular page, the blog or resources they read and how they move from a page to another either via call to action or using site-maps.

When you know how people interact with your website and landing page, it can be a golden data in analyzing what works best and can help with total reconstruct, copywriting changes and UX experience designs.

6.)   Study Bounce Rate like never before:

Bounce rate in SEO aspect can indicate a good or bad expression it is either a user figure out what next to do or they simply felt they landed in a wrong site.

Then the need to examine major basis on your website or landing page would arise like:

  • is your content related to the promoted offer?
  • Does your site copy draw in visitors’ attention?
  • can average visitors know what to do when they are right on your page?
  • Is your page easy to compare to the ad’s or copy people used in visiting your page.

7.)    What are your Form Abandonment metrics:

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager delivers simple, reliable, easily integrated tag management solutions of which you can use to track form interactions on your website for free.

If you have an increasing Form abandonment, then it is high time you develop strategy in bringing this to an end, strategy worth trying are shortening your lead form, a more persuasive new click to action copy, easier navigation and being transparent with the way you use their data so your visitors can trust and now what action they are meant to take.

8.)   Develop Benchmarks for better performance:

You need to compare your landing page against industry norms and across a similar audience to know if your landing page is performing or designed as expected.

Check out some industry standard to set as your baseline even if you feel you are lacking behind, you should know that with the metrics and analytic you get it’ so possible to tweak and adjust your landing page in order to get results.

9.)   Let the time spent on your page matters:

Time spent on a page are a must if you want to know if your page is bringing results and it is not like the random landing page.

But it should not be the topic of the century because many factors can affect the Time spent on a landing page

Keep in mind that if people stay on your landing page for a shorter time or longer time it doesn’t necessarily indicates if you have an a good or bad landing page. (I mean it) although you can still use it to make a decision on making either on page seo, copywriting, UX designs changes.

For example: you run a offer on a popular products and even make a guide on it, then you see an increasing bounce rate or visitors spend a undesirable short period of time, It is really a sign that you may be doing something wrong or you didn’t make information’s clear and easy to relate to so they end up leaving your page as fast as possible in the hope of getting relevant info elsewhere.

Best simple but yet effective B2B Landing Page Copywriting Tips you must follow

1)   Remove or minimize the navigation on your landing page:

2.)   Have a clean, simple design: 

Having a simple design doesn’t guarantee responsiveness so be sure to make sure your landing page is easily accessed and responsible in all device format.

3.)   A headline and sub-head that make it clear what your offer is about:

An headline and subheadline are like your virtual sales person, there should struck a feeling of they are in the right place or they understand what you are presenting to your prospects.

4.)   Long-tail keywords and metadata to improve SEO performance:

Landing page doesn’t necessarily end with making persuasive copywriting a bit of SEO knowledge need to be in play that is every of your landing page copy should answer a search engine user intents and make sure it is accessible by the likes of Google SEO BOT, Webmasters and Bing SEO BOT.

5.)   Brief copy (include bullet points) that clearly addresses your customer’s pain points:

Customers like to feel understood and there would really appreciate if you present their problem in a very easy to understand format either by short video, presentation or bulleted points note to also provide alongside a possible solutions.

6.)  Paints a picture of what it would be like if you removed your customer’s pain (Consider “What if” statements):

This is a great factor and it is the preferably method for closing sales, infact 99% of all the projects or assistance you will be rendering will bring you back to painting a picture of breakthrough, solutions and their optimal desires when they choose to work with you.

7.)   Explains the offer and how it will solve their key concerns:

Communication is key in any form of life, being able to communicate your offer without being salesy should be your target,

I mean everyone like to buy but they can’t stand the word buy reason may be because they will feel you are going to charge beyond their budget or you simple want to close sales with them that is why you are being directly salesy.

8.)   Provides 3rd-party support (testimonials, stats, etc.):

It doesn’t only develop trust but can also help with prospects believing you can provide a solution to their problem.

9.)   Provides a strong Call to Action (CTA):

Visitors are used to this words and many might feel reluctant because you haven’t provide a emotional driven copy for persuasion from them.

List of high persuasive call to action you would want to try

“A step further”

“it’s could be yours”

“find more”

“try for free”

“get to know

“Be the lead”

10.)   Collect only the information you need:

Many marketers makes this mistake by getting too much information from visitors which can results to low conversion because people don’t give away their trust and there also want to know if there data are secure with you.

But take note that If you want to add a few more fields to help qualify your leads and get to work on your potential customers, you would definitely get few high quality submissions.

So try as much to only include the necessary fields required ( although all of this still comes back to your goals)

If you have a marketing automation system, make sure your form automatically submits new lead data into that system so they don’t have to refill or resubmit due to possible unknown errors.

Another factor to help collect the information’s you need is by using a standard tools for prospects, because prospects who had in any way submitted their info with you will have that info pre-populated automatically.

11.)   Consider adding a checkbox on your form that allows users to sign up for your e-newsletter or blog feed:

Checkboxes perform wonders in capturing a lead, because naturally people loves to save time and might get distracted, so a simple checkboxes will make them decide and implements what actions you desire without being distracted by possible unforseen errors.

It would help in getting more subscriber base since it is more easier than a long boring feedback

12.)   Include a privacy message or link to your privacy policy that assures users that their contact information won’t be shared or sold to third parties:

With the rise of fake online gurus and people willing to buy email list for huge or few bucks, it is essential you make up a simple privacy policy like the one in this site or as a business share with them on how their data is used with third parties and handled.

Customers would want to know this and so it is a no brainier for assuring potential customers. (and you or your organization should really mean securing your customers data)

13.)   Have a simple precise CTA button:

Make things as easy as possible by making sure your CTA looks clickable on any device format and specifically says what it will do.

Good tweaks can be using for example “Register for a free webinar or “get your free eBook” Instead of the plain “Submit”.

A numerous offers per page can simply get your prospects distracted or give up on figuring things out so make sure you only have one offer – one CTA – per landing page.

14.)   Include an engaging but time saving image or video:

Customers are likely to retain whatever video they come across your landing page and can also help build trust.

But I bet you don’t want to do it the wrong way, If your offer is for visitors to download a free contents of what might be valuable to them.

Note that by just showing an image of what they’ll be getting ( like the design to a free webinar or a replay) they are more likely to be persuaded to complete the action and can boost conversions around your offers.

A video content can also go a long way by converting this visitors into long time customers.

A video of your self, company or product benefits can help increase conversion rates as much as 80% not only my words SlideShare study confirms to it.

15.)   Encourage social sharing (sharing is caring):

I encourage you to give ultimate power to your visitors by including a sharing buttons, it can allow them feel welcome to do other high converting activities like making a review or making a short testimonial so you definitely need to let your users tell others about your offer by including social sharing buttons on your page.

16.)   Offer social proof that sparks interest:

Nothing works like magic than a quotes, testimonials, social media comments or reviews that emphasize and speak of the value of your offer, you should include a few of those for extra persuasion and credibility to your prospects.

17.)   Show your appreciation:

Be as kind as possible by directing them to a thank you page or thank you email once a visitor has submitted a contact info or any desired action.

18.)   Test what works and adapt to changes:

In order to know what is the driven method in making a particular version of your copy, UX Design and even offer better running one test at a time can help figure out what works best.

How to know if your landing page will convert well before launching


  • Web copy for both landing page and thank you page has been proofread.
  • Spelling, grammar and formatting are correct.
  • Rich content is correct and working – images, videos, audio, font icons, etc. Copyright date shows the current year.
  • Rights to images, fonts and other content have been properly licensed and/or cited.
  • Footer & header navigational links have been removed or reduced.


  • Landing page has unique page title (fewer than 70 characters, includes keywords).
  • Landing page has unique meta description (fewer than 156 characters, includes keywords).
  • Landing page has keywords (fewer than 10, all words appear in page copy).
  • Metadata is properly in place for any social media sharing content, and share icons work properly.
  • Spelling and grammar are correct in all metadata.
  • Alt tags have been added to every image.
  • Landing page has been added to the XML sitemap and submitted to search engines.


  • Marketing automation tracking code is on the page.
  • Google Analytics tracking code is on the landing page and thank you page.
  • Google Adwords Conversion code is on the thank you page (if Adwords campaigns are running).
  • Remarketing code is on both the landing page and thank you page (if remarketing campaigns are running).
  • UTM parameters have been created for external marketing promotions and added to campaigns in marketing automation tool.


  • Landing page is compatible across browsers (IE, Edge,Opera,Chrome, Safari). You may wish to use a CROSS-BROWSER TESTER.
  • Web site pages are responsive and compatible across devices (Android, iPhone, tablets, etc.).
  • CSS/HTML is properly validated.
  • CSS and Scripts are optimized on the landing page.
  • Images are compressed for best page load times.BlazeMeterand Worksoft are a great softwares for web optimization and testing
  • Favicon is in place and rendering properly.
  • Paragraph styles are working properly (headers, lists, block quotes).
  • All links are clickable and hover/highlighted.
  • External links open in a new tab.
  • Internal links follow correct & friendly URL structure (parent page/sub-page).
  • Logo anchors to home page (if applicable in campaign).


  • Be sure that Form builders like Jotform has been properly created in marketing automation system, and form code is on the landing page.
  • Error messages are in place and properly display when form is not properly completed.
  • Thank-you page, confirmation message and/or resource properly displays after form is submitted.
  • Auto-responder confirmation email to lead is working properly (if applicable).
  • Form data is being emailed to an admin recipient and/or being properly stored in marketing database.
  • Campaign has been properly created in marketing automation system, and leads are assigned to the campaign upon submission.
  • Other 3rd party form integration is working properly (for example, GoToWebinar, AI Chatbots or Google analytics).
  • Your website or business Terms and privacy policy are visible to visitors and may not be restricted to a particular traffic source.

High converting B2B SaaS landing page templates and their complete review.

Message Media

Their Selling points: The landing includes a live data drive copy as soon as you landed, the bright blue colours are eye catching and speaks about the confident services they offer by being the Australia #1 Provider in business to customer communication.

A review and their top notch customers are displayed so I can easily relate and get an idea of what they offer as a solution.

An interactive video and live fill in the box is presented that almost got my attention for immediate signup and graphics to show what it feels like to use their services.

Their call to action is direct enough and give a irrestitable offer with the word free


Their Selling Points: The Headline and the live background gave me a feeling of what there offer, a positive statements of which I believe is their motto and an hashtag gave a direct stroke on what there focus is all about.

To help visitors get an insights there offer a learn more and an stats on what makes them the best and a interactive video there call to action is persuasive enough and their past clients as a proof of better service. And if you care to read more on cloud infastructure they offer blog contents for that.

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco API-driven approach provides a simple and open way to enable healthy cloud adoption By securing your identities, data, and apps.

Their Selling Points: A simple easy to understand headline and subheadline is a no brainer to get attention from its visitors.

There is an interactive video and basic features provided and a stats showing their progress so far and even the top brands they have worked. Resouces in the aspect of security and cloud infastructure are also a great way to make visitors stick around.


Their selling points: Their headlines and subheadline is based on emotional driven copy and would give visitors a headlight in just few seconds.

A stick around interactive search tasks on suggested brand is available and can help with converting visitors to customers since they can try their services for free instantly.


On their landing page is a punchy headline and an easy to relate image that shows exactly what you are getting by choosing to work with them. The uses of related words to the current business crisis due to Covid-19 can help it’s visitors feel understood and the need to dive in to remote work managements has clearly stated.


Zendesk variety of products empower organizations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers

Zendesk truly reflect what service they provide to their visitors, there is a catchy bold authoritative headline, enough white space between text for all visitors of all kind, a responsive font cases and an encouraging copy works that would encourage users to want to learn more. What I love most about Zendesk page is the use of appealing visual display about their products.

You would definitely not go wrong with using that sort of page structure.


On their page is a customer focused headline and the use of concerned words to the business crises caused by the pandemic which shows that they do care about your business and customer.

Flipsnack has a cool and trustworthy colour blue and appealing gif file that shows what it’s feels like to use their editor in making publishes, this alone can send a sense of understanding to customer, flipsnack page is also packed with business oriented words.

Top Free and Paid Sales Funnels Software to power up your business leads, generate revenue results for B2B landing page design and click funnels alternative

1.)   Builderall:


On signing up I simply select my industry, like ecommerce, consulting or agency. Then, I choose the type of funnel I would like to build whether it is for an a product funnel, event funnel, or a lead magnet funnel which is my usual go for.

The are usually free and paid designs to tweak, but your own custom funnel can be built with any pop-ups, media file, or other necessity.

I have known it’s to be an all-in-one online marketing and sales platform used by thousands of marketers around the world and It is trusted by many and industry leaders and marketers like me.

Start now and Upgrade as you Go!

Being the top leader in inbound sales, HubSpot’s marketing, sales, service, and CRM software to elevate your inbound strategy and grow into a business.

The HubSpot Growth Platform is a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service — with a completely free CRM at its core that can be fully integrated into your favorite productive or business tools like Facebook, Slack, Zoom, Salesforce and many more apps of you can track your entire customer journey from first time website visitor to closing deal with your happy customer.

It is also the most effective ways to construct and maintain a healthy, functional sales process with features like landing page templates, Contact, deal & task management, infrastructure for creating and distributing content offers, and email automation.

Start now and Upgrade as you Go!

3.)   Bigcommerce:

Bigcommerce is best suited for someone who’s growing fast and wants to operate at scale. Bigcommerce gives you time saving management tools like product management, order management, analytics, reports banners, coupon codes and while it allows you integrate your store with platforms such as Facebook, HubSpot, ReferralCandy, MailChimp, QuickBooks, eBay.

Deliver lightning-fast commerce experiences that keep your customers coming back for more with it’s Powerful valuable customer data and insights Analytics you can reach new audiences with Bigcommerce omnichannel commerce anywhere in the world.

Start Now and Upgrade as you Go

Kajabi is believed to offer everything you need, that is no plugins or integrations is required for Kajabi.

Pipelines optimize, automate, and scale your business so you can focus on what fuels you instead. With custom automation triggers and full platform integration, you’ll be able to create personal experiences for your audience without extra effort for you and your team

Grow, manage, and reach your subscribers with customizable emails. Kajabi Email’s new visual builder lets you quickly create and send gorgeous messages that integrate video, countdown timers, automations, user forecasting, customer progress tracking. connects everything about your business in one place and gets  paid easier, faster

Kajabi at the core is an online course platform and has much more to offer for course creation and delivery.

Features like Sales Pipeline Builder and Automations is what set Kajabi apart from it’s competitors.

Leadpages is mostly used to help small business owners grow, businesses who can’t afford to get a technical team or with zero developer skill will find Leadpages as the easiest, most effective way to sell your services online: build code-free websites, high-converting landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and beyond.

Leadpages also works with other tools like Stripe Aweber Calendly GetResponse Google AdWords Google Analytics Hubspot LinkedIn Mailchimp Marketo Paypal Salesforce Shopify

Leadpages has two editors: the standard editor and the drag-and-drop editor. Leadpages supports split-testing. That’s a necessity with a tool that’s designed to maximize conversions. The platform follows the standard A/B testing pattern.

Leadpages features which is Leadlinks make it easy to increase your conversion rate. They’re special links that you include in a broadcast email. When users click on the link, they automatically “convert.” For example, let’s say you put a Leadlink in an email so that people can sign up for your upcoming webinar. When recipients click on that link, they’re automatically signed up provided they are signed in to their default browser.

My Final Thoughts: A landing page created with research and potential customers in mind will convert visitors in to paying customers, a landing page with balanced colour combination, media files and copy works should be our main focus, although it is had to find a better tool from the market, i recommended you go for Builderall or Bigcommerce as they have had high reputation and as shown marketers and business owners that they care by organizing free summit, award shows, group or team consultations, and I personally use this tools.

Conclusion: Wanna become the next go to in your industry without missing a single lead in your landing page or maybe they need to be an improvements in order to generate 500% ROI be sure to contact me via the contact details in this site,

Do you have any questions or maybe you want to share your thoughts, the comments box is all yours.

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