Data driven guide on how to create a converting B2B SaaS case study? but to potential customers and become the go to in your industry.

Table of contents:

1.)   What is a B2B Business Case study in the easiest way?

2.)   How to identify the right customer and then make them believe doing a case study with you can become a positive impact.

3.)   When should you bring your case study into notice with your customer?

4.)   3 tactics I believe you should consider on how to develop a system to identify potential case study candidates early

5.)   How to make your case study copywriter help make the best case study for your prospects interest

6.)   Common mistakes to avoid in your case study writer’s brief

7.)   How to write your B2B case study like a pro for maximum impact

8.)   Effective ways to promote and distribute your B2B case study

9.)   Best B2B Case Study Systems Software provider for effective creation and promotion

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What is a B2B Business Case study in the easiest way?

A compelling case study could very well be the best way to convert a prospect into a customer and since being known as a effective way of promoting B2B services and letting prospective customers see that you might be able to help them.

Just think this what could be more persuasive than one of your star customers telling the world just how much you’ve helped them? I am very sure you would want to get their case study in anytime and anywhere possible.

Another reason why case study should be your concern: 9 out of 10 consumers read reviews of products or services before they buy. They talk to family, friends, follow up through social media and check out transparent online product reviews and testimonials.

Potential customers are looking for a solution to a challenge they’re facing. And they’re searching around for a company they can trust to bring them maximum benefits and maybe also save them time and money from running into loss.

Developing a Business Case study for a Business will help

1. Boosts credibility and help build portfolio

2. Develop mutual understanding with readers

3. Inspires confidence in your service either to your employees, converting prospects or customers

4. Your customer can learn into the way you work

5. Showcases what you can do and can help bridge the gap with what is expected of you with the goals you can help them reach.

How to identify the right customer and and make them believe doing a case study with you can become a positive impact.

You need strong source material to build an effective case study. Picking which customer to feature is an important first step—and maybe your first.

If you feature a client which would be of great benefits, due to the customer credibility and honest services, making a case study with this type of customer will be a flow of work.

The ideal customer to showcase in your case study loves your service. It’s may have brought them an exceeding results or closer to their expectations.

Due to this you have worked closely with this customer and build up a positive relationship.

Maybe you’ve solved a challenge that your competitors couldn’t help them with.

You should also survey your sales and customer service teams for suggestions of customers who might be a rocket science for positive attraction to feature or star customers, who have recurring success or attract new customers to themselves.

Don’t forget your target audience, infact not all of your customers stories can be presented as the same, even if it’s one you’re particularly proud of.

The case study should be relevant to them, think about exactly who you’re trying to reach.

Who to feature in your B2B SaaS case study

1. customers in similar industries

2. customers from similar-sized organizations

3. customers struggling with similar challenges

When should you bring your case study into notice with your customer?

Getting an ideal customer to agree to participate in a case study for you may be the toughest part of creating a sales rocket science case study.

You should take note that participation requires time and commitment on the part of your customer. After all getting a case study like this is a favor to you or your team

I know finding the right time to ask your customer for this favor can be new to you and making it hard to decide— but you need to know that too early, and they may feel too sold especially if they haven’t fully implemented your service yet.

Also, when you ask too late and the details of your interactions may no longer be top of their mind since they would have move on in trying to solve another problem.

So as for me the best time for the customer to speak about their experience is after they’ve had just enough time to see results. Depending on the service, this may be weeks or months later.

But your best case studies should have data to back them up, and that may take time to collect.

3 tactics I believe you should consider on how to develop a system to identify potential case study candidates early

During project implementation:

Do as much to ask your customers what their goals are for your engagement, how they will track and measure results.

This gives you information you can refer back to later for the case study you need.

You should check in regularly throughout the project and afterwards:

I also try to deliver a short survey to my customer at set intervals, it might be every month or every quarter.

But I try to make it short, engaging and rewarding most time it ca be with a subscription to a masterclass.

This has always help with getting  feed backs—and gives me more to work with.

Let it be known in the project agreement:

I usually include a clause about sharing results at specific milestones after the project is launched.

This makes my customer believe that I have full interest in making sure they are successful. (which I have always wanted)  You can also offer something in return for sharing their experiences.

My popular case study survey question ideas includes:

1.)  What is the best part of working with me?

2.) How am I helping you meet your goals?

3.) What could I do better?

4.) How likely are you to recommend my service?

To make your case study as a win-win opportunity Let your prospects know your intentions are:

1.To highlight their own services and importance

2.You would distribute the case study in a way that will reach their prospective customers too and also promote the case study featured with them via social media, landing pages, newsletters and even on your website

I do as much to be clear what my expectations are and what I need my customers to help.

3. You can even make the case study process as effective as possible by hiring a writer with a background in the niche, and requesting a manageable interview time of 20 to 30 minutes.

4. One last thing I do is to give my customers the opportunity to review and approve the final case study before it is made public.

In addition, making it essential with checking in on customers will strengthens your relationship, know that if communication are already in place, asking your customer for help with a case study might just be requesting for something they can do a hundred times more and be happy to do.

The best kind of irresistible offer you can present to your case study clients

  • Discounted rate for products, services or tools.
  • Free valuable service
  • Additional services or assistance
  • Boost in profile and customer outreach

How to make your case study copywriter help make the best case study for your prospects interest

Now that you’ve got a happy customer who is ready to work on a case study with you, it’s time to hand them over to your copywriter to work some magic, right? And help develop a guideline since it’s absolutely essential if you want your writer to deliver on your vision right on time and track.

A well-prepared case study writer guidelines:
  1. Should provides clear context and direction
  2. figure your expectations and goals
  3. develop clarity on tone, messaging and target audience
  4. allows you to work on other aspect without being by your writer side, knowing fully well that your writer has what they need to produce an effective case study.

Essential information that are worth including into your writer’s case study brief

As a copywriter here are the essential info I believe you should include in your writer’s brief.

Your writer’s brief should include:

The topic and time deadline, as well as a target word count, your writing style guide (vague, friendly or direct), SEO keywords and other formatting requirements.

Introduce and describe yourself or business:

What does your organization do?

How does your service make your customers better?

What problems do you solve?

Introduce your brand and how it reflects the vision of your business.

Try to describe your brand’s personality in 5 words. Give the writer the tools to establish a voice that’s consistent with your other content.

Introduce your audience or buyers:

Who are you trying to reach with this content? Link to a persona document so your writer can visualize the reader.

This will help establish tone and ensure relevant content for relevant engagement.

Provide details and outline your goals and objectives:

Why are you commissioning this case study?

Are you trying to raise awareness of your organization?

Showcase a particular use case?

Demonstrate how you can solve a specific challenge? .

Highlight the main points:

What key messages do you need your readers to have of you? These should be written in sharp bullet points. Make sure they can be related to your goals and objectives.

Make a summary of the story:

A case study has to have innovative story telling to engage readers. Think of it as a story with a beginning, middle and logical end.

In a summary tell your history with the customer you are featuring and why you choose to.

What challenges were they facing?

What solutions did you offer?

What was the end result?

Detail the project’s agenda:

This is where you can include formatting, style and structure guidelines, as well as a suggested workflow and time intervals for revisions and approvals.

Common mistakes to avoid in your case study writer’s brief:

You don’t need to write the whole brief or case study yourself:

Allow your writers creativity in, Adopt a 1 or 2 page limits and In addition, you may want to provide examples of other marketing content written for your organization, or case studies from competitors that you admire.

Give your writer as much relevant information as possible without being reluctant or feeling there know too much.

Be focused and brief even if it is your first:

I observed an incomplete or very basic writer’s brief is only going to lead me to ask more questions, become unfocused, unenthusiastic and maybe off-brand content.

But, a insights driven brief will ensure a right on track preparation process, and an engaging and effective case study.

Providing brand insights:

Add valuable information such as:

• what interest customers to your service

• what you might need to improve

• the pain points customers want you to help resolve

• how you differ from the competition

• how long it takes customers to see benefits

• what other services or products customers are looking for

How to write your B2B case study like a pro for maximum impact 

Key notes:
  • Aim for 500 to 1,500 words and tell the story with detail
  • Focus on detail, evidence and experience
  • Make your case study easy to read: think short paragraphs, bulleted lists and subheads
  • Include presentable numbers where possible to increase credibility.
  • Help visualize who you’re writing for.

Essential writing structure your case study should include, these key elements are as followed:

  • Headline
  • Subhead
  • Executive summary
  • Challenge: Customer introduction, customer pain points or challenge, What led your customer to you.
  • Solution: How did you help? Your products and services implementation.
  • Results: Stats, Value statements, Powerful testimonials, service Conclusion.
  • Call to actions


Your headline for a case study should not be click bait, since you’re not luring potential customers to your page with attractive, provocative or extreme claims.

Your headline only has to grab their attention and draw them into reading the entire case study. Do this by providing the right information. Just be results-oriented.

Make sure your case study headline includes these 3 elements:
Name of the customer:

Who is the case study about? Just take note that little revealing case study will not bring trust in your organization, because there are many fake or developed case studies by failed businesses.

As a legit provider you would need to bring in trust by using the customer’s name in the headline or what you can do if they’re not well-known is to indicate what industry they’re in and make sure the business name is right at the top of the main write-up.

Product or service the customer used:

Let readers know if the case study is relevant for them.

Does the case study discuss a challenge they’re facing or a use case that is top of mind? Is the discussed service a service there are looking for too.

Main benefit or result:

Use a powerful number if possible (100%, 5X, 500%) . If you don’t have a powerful stat to put in the headline, describe a specific result. You should show off and make an impression.

Best effective B2B Case Studies example for your Sales & Marketing Team

Sucuri is a Delaware Corporation which offered holistic website security solutions since 2008 including malware removal, malware monitoring and website protection services.


Pure Storage, the all-flash enterprise storage company which enables the broad deployment of flash in the data center.

Purestorage Flash Array was purpose-built to uniquely deliver the benefits of flash together with inline data reduction, duplication and compression to optimize storage utilization, performance.

This headlines are great examples since there include the name of the customer, the service used and the key result supported by statistics.

Sometimes, a good headline-subhead combo is the way to go:

The headline tells you what happened—increased revenue and attendance—at what event.

The subhead lays out the details of how exactly the main benefits were achieved. Effectiveness could be boosted by using hard numbers in the headline.

Executive summary:

An executive summary is sometimes enough for your reader to pass the information along to the decision makers in their organization.

I believe you need to make every word count, you should take the executive summary as a 2 or 3 crucial sentences that provide a concise overview of the case study.

They must be informative and:

Summarize the story by introducing the customer and their pain points

Explain what your organization or skills did

Highlight the major noticeable results, including 1 or 2 statistics that can build readers trust.

A good example of a short and persuasive executive summary

A good example of a more in-depth executive summary

It’s might be considered long, but I want you to believe it can be more effective as other testimonials because it’s introduce the client, outline their challenge, and describe the solution and result.

(In fact, I read this form of case study till it’s end and I may end up working with the business) because hopefully it’s had answered all my questions.

Try as much to make the customer the hero, seriously no one wants to hear you brag on about how great you are.

Many prospects I know are, however, very interested in what your customer thinks about you.

A good case study will resonate with your readers. They will see themselves and their own issues being taken care as in the case study.

Keep these case study points in mind

Introduce your customer

Use the most relevant details, what industry they’re in, their size and what they excel at.

Only include information your audience cares about or details you need to provide to tell the most compelling story.

Let your customer ramble for you

Direct quotes should make up a good portion of the case study. I try to use my words to clarify or connect quotes and move the story forward.

But I allow my customers explain the challenge they faced, how they decided to use my services and how my solution helped them achieve results.

This isn’t about you or me

Many mistake I see companies and professionals make is acting like there know all or thinking there rescued a business in distress.

You need to understand that you provided a tool or service that helped the customer improve a process or solve a challenge and they learn, adapt and grow stronger for it.

So there are just as amazing as you are, so always keep the focus on the customer.

Discuss your service standard

An important part of the story is explaining why your solution was chosen, and how it was implemented and then brought to use.

I would advice you allow readers see the thought process involved.

Be straight forward and avoid fluffs

Want to be known as the superhero that saved the day, For real? You know what, just skip any vague and too good to be true claims. Kindly go easy on the self promotion marketing.

Just let reader’s know what changed for your customer? What did it mean to their business?

Include numbers where possible or detailed descriptions if you don’t have stats. (This is where you get to brag a little bit about how your service made a difference and why.)

Testimonials and callouts

b2b saas testimonials jacob chikaike

These are what your target should be, A testimonial is the customer telling the business world that they value working with you, the results were welcoming and they recommend your services.

Let your stats matters

Have you heard of this saying “Nothing measures success like numbers” It’s definitely right and 101% true.

Convincing metrics are qualitative and show distinct before and after snapshots.

As for me I try to encourage entrepreneurs or professionals to share any statistics they have gathered relating to the use of my service, and build my case study around them.

You can get your stats via what improvements did they see? Did business or traffic increase? Did employees save time?

These B2B SaaS examples effectively use statistics to quantify results:

Instead of starting my case study with a big intriguing numbers, I lead with my best, most evocative quote.

You should include a head shot of the person speaking (not a selfie). Lean into the personal story. Social proof can be just as convincing as a percentage improvement.

Mostly B2B professionals don’t know that a social proof or approval of service can be just as convincing like a big stats or percentage improvements.

Use Calls to action like a pro

Now that you have written a solid case study and the reader has read through to the end, such a reader is definitely interested in knowing you more or simply want to learn more.

Tell the reader what to do next by including a direct response call to action. Use direct language that speaks directly while engaging your prospective customers.

“grow your effort” or “want to be the next case study” Calls to action should be used instead of “contact us” “learn more” You can even use color, large text and make it less distracting on what the reader should do next.


Infographics visually break down a complex process (data, information or knowledge) into simple steps, or help guide the reader through the highlights of your case study.

Some case studies may be more presentable in the form of infographics than in the text format.

Translating words into a compelling and easy graphics is an art, so such a thing should be shared with an experienced copywriter and designer.

Effective ways to promote and distribute your B2B case study

On your website place a teaser

This could be a call out with a call to action—and a link to your case study right from your home page.

Anyone considering your services will be sure to click through.

Or, dedicate a full page to case studies.

For each, include a headline, summary and perhaps a callout, with a call to action to inspire visitors to read on.

Relevant case studies are also great content for landing pages. consider the value of a credible and substantial testimonial right on a sales page for your services.

Blog about your case studies

Tell your audience about your recent success. Use your own voice to tell a little of the story behind the story and highlight the strategy and success.

As when you were writing the case study itself, focus on the customer and their experience, not your own company. Don’t forget to link to your case study from the blog post.

Do you have an email list? share with them

If your email list is organized by industry or other segments, you can send an appropriate case study to those who may find it useful.

This is a great way to re-open a conversation with a customer or prospect that has gone silent.

Empower your sales team

Your sales team will benefit from having relevant and targeted case studies at their fingertips as a convincing tool they can use in their sales process.

It’s a sure-fire way to show prospects how another organization in their industry found success with your service.

Share the success on social media

You’ve already picked out the impactful quotes and stats for callouts and design features.

These same bit and pieces are perfect nuggets to share via social networks. Be sure to tag the featured customer in the post.

The follow-up sales email

That important email you send to follow up on a sales call is a great time to share an applicable case study.

Too often, those follow-ups are vague “just checking in” messages. Give the email some value.

After your sales call, select a relevant case study and tailor it for the prospect.

Tell the prospect exactly how it applies to their situation. This gives the prospect new information about the service you offer and how it delivers solutions specific to their use case, It’s a great way to spark continued dialogue.

Include case studies in all proposals

Especially when you are chasing new business, you want to showcase your services, experience and success—and a case study is proof you can deliver results.

There is no better way to show prospective customers you can do what you say you can do than by including a case study or 2 along with your proposal.

Best B2B Case Study Systems Software provider for effective creation and promotion


Clicktale synthesize complex behavioral patterns based on millisecond-level actions such as hovers and scrolls, they enable businesses like yours to interpret your customers’ digital body language and understand intent, by tapping into the wisdom and behavior of millions of visitors.

So that your growing and established businesses can deliver the best digital experiences to drive amazing business results.

Clicktale Customer Testimonial:

“We had some tools in place, prior to bringing in Clicktale. But to a large degree we were driving blind, missing a big piece of the puzzle”. By Ring Central Head of Marketing


iGraftx delivers business transformation software that turns your processes into a portfolio of valuable assets.

iGrafx is believed to provide the most comprehensive Business Transformation Platform, process discovery & analysis, RPA & workflow automation, customer journey, governance, risk, compliance, and more, as well as SaaS and private cloud deployment.

It’s also the most scalable, currently supporting the largest, global enterprises.

iGrafx Customer Testimonial:

iGrafx was selected because it supports implementation best practices that allow us to deliver superior ERP systems and services that fully address customer requirements. By HP.INC Delivery Manager


Qualtrics is the technology platform that organizations use to listen, understand, and take action on experience data, also called X-data™.

The Qualtrics XM Platform™ is a system of action, used by teams, departments and entire organizations to manage the four core experiences of business—customer, employee, product and brand—on one platform.

You can rely on Qualtrics to consistently build products that people love, create more loyal customers, develop a phenomenal employee culture and build iconic brands.

Qualtrics Customer Testimonial

With Qualtrics, we can analyze data within a day or two. Before, there was a lot of back and forth with the raw files.

It might take a few months for us to get a particular set of data clean before we could analyze it. By University Of Wisconsin Assistant Director For Research Administration

ClientSuccess Case study

ClientSuccess provides customer success leaders actionable insights, rich customer analytics, and best practices to proactively manage success throughout the customer life cycle.

Client Success helps SaaS companies increase renewal and expansion revenue, reduce churn, and maximize the lifetime value of the customer

ClientSuccess is a customer success management software that helps companies build relationships that last.

ClientSuccess Customer Testimonial

“I’m a Salesforce Administrator who implemented the integration with our org and I like how Simple they make everything and the prompt thorough support they provide. ” By Salesforce Administrator at Salesforce

User testing

With UserTesting, you get videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they review your website, mobile app, campaigns, prototypes, and more. Make better decisions with fast customer feedback and shared human insights.

on-demand human insights platform that empowers organizations to make timely, customer-centric business decisions with confidence.


Salesforce is powering innovation in sales, service, marketing, community, analytics, apps, and more.

Discover Customer 360, the world’s #1 CRM. Connect to your customers in a more intelligent way by uniting sales, service, marketing, commerce, IT, and analytics. All powered by their global community of Trailblazers.

Get a single, shared view of your customers. With knowledge of your customers’ history, interests, and even frustrations, you can begin to serve up experiences better tailored to their needs and elevate how they see your brand.

My final thoughts: Case studies are 1 of the top 2 most important marketing tools for B2B businesses.

A well-written, well-executed case study is a sure way to boost credibility. It demonstrates that your service can bring big benefits—and that your customers are so impressed that they’ve agreed to publicly support your business.

Conclusion: Did you find this guide useful, be sure to leave a comment and don’t forget to share.

Want to chat about your particular case study challenges and how you’ll create engaging case studies—and see lasting results. Kindly reach out to me via the contact details.

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