I’m a professional Copywriter and Direct Response Marketing Expert.

I will write a Professional – Grade Copy that’s focused to improve your Marketing and Visibility.

What i had tO fix

After years of being a professional in the business development niche where she offers consultation to startups and professionals, her services were good but she had issues with landing new leads which usually take long to close. She needed help with optimizing her sales funnels, she needed some one to be in charge of her business copywriting and and become the right hand writer for her business and her clientele.

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Since she had established a good reputation online and offline and had being awarded 3 times for professional effective service, I had to use the opportunity to help maintain and develop her reputation and outreach by making her social media account active with engaging that are related to her service, revamp the copy and design for her website and then take full charge over her blog post by making article on clients research and also optimizing every of her sales process.

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She saw an increase of 85% in ROI, and had the time to scale and work on productive works since she knows her business is in safe hands. *kindly read her review here.


eJam Recruitment solutions was in the process of expanding their portfolio by working with more top businesses and brands while recruiting pure talented copywriters, but their struggle was having this talents pass the one on one direct interview which usually take days and they were behind a deadline of two weeks to final recruits


I undergo the interview which took 52 hours with forth and back engagements, which of course helped them saved time fortunately for them i successfully passed the interview and begun earning my dollar from eJam while working with ejam to boost revenue growth. I was given deadline for every project but i made sure i deliver my jobs project on time for faster implementation.

<High Impact Copyworks>


eJam became recognized for faster delivery quality jobs and got more recommendations than they could imagine, although to my side i had more to be get done but i am happy i am helping an Agency grow and also living a well deserved life.


Vergic helps brands & organisations to engage with customers through AI/BOT supported messaging and collaboration tools. After years as their competitors introduced dozens of new features and integrations, Vergic was finally ready to support messaging for its users. Their issue? this launch seems very fulfilling but users didn’t believe they possibly be as effective i needed to convince them.


As load time is said to be the major factors that drive sales we needed to turn off auto play and make more text with icons for easier relation, visitors are driven to read more which would help them learn more about what Vergic offers

Many brands have a separate page for case studies but that is not for us i believe home page is meant to be filled with answers to questions because it is the deciding factor for how long a visitor will stay and maybe convert (it is your virtual receptionist! treat your home page as one too)

Many B2B Marketers assume B2B products Consumers don’t need to be cared for, nurtured on buying process and speak emotional and direct words without sounding too salesy and less concern.

Images of real people were displayed in other to tell visitors that they are people behind the screen who are so pumped to receive them and work with them.


If you have been following up you would observe that Vergic was ready for success, Vergic grew massively and had recognition from competitors and decision makers it was a whooping 500% ROI (I couldn’t be more happier)

What i had to FIX

Opera is a leading software provider (infact i am literally using it to make this page) with good numbers of software list like Opera browser, Opera News to mention a few they struggle to compete with top players like Edge, Chrome. Reason being people are not attached to their products emotionally ( as a software provider regardless of your market you need to bring people closer to your products and make it their everyday go for.

Since blogs are a major B2B marketing driven source i embark on the great journey to bring back readers and more users

How i fix it

For every blog post created i needed to write an easy to remember headline which is emotionally driven without headline generators.

An engaging and persuasive graphics was used and i did minimize the size of the images in order to reduce load time and keep them engaged, in every of the blog post i stated how they can get access to useful contents with Opera.


More readers tend to hop in and the uses on Opera rose over 200% by what it was before.

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Anddd, a sweet review from a worked together freelancer : )

Is your B2B Marketing Content Attracting and Converting the Potential Leads You Need to Grow?

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You DON’T need a copywriter who will waste your time and money. You DON’T want someone whose hand you have to hold.

You DON’T need someone who is hard to work with.

I am an experienced writer who understands copywriting, direct response, and content marketing. I know how to make copy work for you and other clients.

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I am highly proficient in English and understand sales. I am dedicated to my craft. I’d love to help you reach your business goals.


Did You Hear About the Advertisement That No One Read, Yet It Still Managed to Pull In Millions of Pounds In Sales?

No… me neither.

Let’s be honest – no matter how much time you spend working on marketing materials, if no one reads them, you’ve wasted your time. But I’ll let you in on a secret that gives the response rate of your marketing efforts incredible superpower


The thing is, no one reads ads for fun. People only read what they find interesting. Sometimes that’s an ad. But if you want to capitalise on that “sometimes”, you need a writer who understands exactly what makes great copy.

That’s what I do. I’m not just a copywriter – I’m your lead-generating, forever-testing, humanshaped MARKETING MACHINE!  

I spend (almost) all my time studying, writing and testing copy to make sure it will bring you the response you’re after. But how can you be sure I’m the writer for you?

Well, consider the three most important questions you can ask yourself when hiring a copywriter:

Am I going to have to re-write every damn word they hand me?

Will they deliver within the timeframe?

Can this person write copy that gets the ideal result?

The answers to your questions—in my case—are: – No. – Yes. – Definitely!  

How can I be so sure?

What sets me apart is my thirst for knowledge. I’m an obsessive bookworm (I’ve read 27 books on advertising, copywriting, marketing and sales. I’ve also devoured three copywriting courses from the masters of this industry).

Punctuality – I’m a firm believer in the following: “Early is on-time, on-time is late, and late is unacceptable.”

Basically, I’m the weird guy that shows up to the party 5 minutes early. It’s a condition, I need help.

But lucky for you, this means I live by your deadlines and treat them with the utmost respect.

Copywriting – Consider this a case study: The copy you’re reading RIGHT NOW with YOUR OWN EYES is well below-the-fold.

You’ve had to read down A SIGNIFICANT DISTANCE to get to this point. Your eyes are probably tired…And all the result of compelling copy.

Now, I understand the difference between encouraging someone to read my cover letter, and being influenced to buy your products is huge.

But you see the underlying principles, don’t you? That a few words, carefully selected, can compel a reader to take action?

Aren’t you at least a little convinced I have what it takes?

Let’s arrange a chat right now and allow me to convince you completely.