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Jacob Chikaike is a Direct Response B2B Conversion Copywriter

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I am Jacob, a leading experience B2B Marketing Copywriter working to help SaaS businesses and Marketer’s succeed online and offline.

Security and privacy are at the core of my business practices and product offerings; I care deeply about protecting the personal information of my clients and website visitors. My goal is to be as transparent and forthright as possible about the data I collect, with whom I share this data, and how this data is used.

The data I collect includes: user information (name, email, user role, company name, company website, etc.), digital information (IP address, browser information, device information, meta data, certain provided social media identifiers, feed backs etc.), and information from other sources (publicly available information, information you provide at signups, information you consent to be provided to me by third parties, etc.).

This information is secured and shared with Only Me and third party service providers, authorized users within your organization, and legal or regulatory authorities as required. The purpose of this data sharing is wide-ranging, from providing services and contents, technical support, marketing and business communications.

*As a standard internet user, you may be able to exercise the following rights with respect to your personal information that I have collected, To exercise your Internet Consumer Rights, please submit a request to me by

OR Please check the site for contact details